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Special Services offered to clients
Due to many changes in the current lifestyle and work  environment, we at Happy Tails Petsitting Services will be offering personal services for those that don't wish to travel about the area OR those that are unable to get out to do some of errands listed. 
Pet Taxi Services
Vet or Grooming Appointments

$25.00 for pick-up / drop off (roundtrip) 
If you want me to wait for your pet at the vet $40.00 for the first 30 minutes, $10.00 for each 15 minutes over 30 
Vet must be withing 5 miles of the owners' residence. If over 5 miles, it is $5.00 for every 5 miles traveled. 
Pet must be able to ride in vehicle in a crate. 

Grooming pick-up or drop-off is $25.00 round trip and the groomer must be with 5 miles of client's residence. 
Personal Errands
Fee is based on time. 
$25.00 for the first 30 minutes or less. 
$15.00 for every 30 minutes after that. 
(Drugstore pick-up, pick-up of preordered groceries, dry cleaner drop-off or pick-up, post office pick-up of mail or drop off of packages, UPS or Fed Ex pick-up or drop-off.)
Time is calculated by the arrival time to pick-up or drop off point to clients residence. 
Specials will be available for those that purchase a bundle of 4 hours or more of Personal Errand Service. 

Grocery Shopping
List of groceries must be provided either through an grocery app or via electronic communication. Client must supply reusable grocery bags. 
$50.00 an hour. Grocery stores will include, Giant, Acme, Aldi's or Wegmans. No shopping at Walmart unless that is the closet market to your residence. 

Errands to local stores for non-food items. This would include stores as Home Depot, Lowes, local hardware stores, Pet Valu or PetSmart.  No Walmart stores will be included in this list. 
Poop Patrol
$25.00 for 1st clean-up for 1 to 2 dogs. This is for up to 1 hour of cleaning. $15.00 for every 15 minutes over the first one hour.
(Waste is disposed at owners home and deodorized using a product we bring with us.)
$15.00 for weekly maintenance. 

$50.00 for 1st clean-up for 3 or more dogs and a $25.00 weekly maintenance.
Happy Tails Petsitting Services, Inc.
Go Fetch!
Fetch Fairy
Do you want to surprise someone for their Birthday or Anniversary. OR is it you want to do something special for someone anonymously? We can deliver to a person or persons that special something without you even being suspected. Item or package must be either picked up at your residence or purchased at local store. Specifics must be supplied. Fee will be determined by the distance one must travel to deliver item and if shopping is involved. Base fee is $25.00  (At this time, we aren't sure whether we will offer "packages" you can pick from OR if you must have the package ready to be picked up and delivered.)
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